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The goal of this campaign is to maximize our God-given ministry and purpose by using the land and facilities which He has entrusted to us, in a way that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ now and for generations to come.

We do not take the tremendous responsibility of stewardship lightly.  We whole-heartedly believe that the God-given purpose and mission of Fellowship Church, the very reason why we exist, is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, equip them to make other disciples, and to go into our local community and the world displaying the glory of Christ and share the awesome news of the Gospel.  This is God-honoring worship, and all that we do as a church flows from our worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This campaign is designed to raise the awareness and funds required to proceed with a plan for expansion that will include the construction of a dedicated worship space for our community of believers, and make the best current and future use of our church campus for our community, and for God’s glory!

While we have a specific ministry mission, the reality is EVERYTHING that we do as a church is worship.  Our community groups, our bible studies, our children and youth ministries, our men and women’s ministries, our missionaries, and our community outreaches are all various ways that we seek to glorify God.  And all of these ministries flow from our worship of God.  Through this project we seek to:

  1. Construct a place for God’s people to gather and worship God; a dedicated space that has been designed and built for the specific purpose of worshipping our great God.
  2. Steward our resources more efficiently by removing the current obstacles which exist that make it difficult to maximize our ministry and purpose.
  3. Continue our legacy of worship, started decades ago, for generations to come.

Throughout this years-long process, we have continued to seek God’s timing, not our own.  In fact, the purpose of this process was never to construct a building.  Instead, the entire process has always been rooted in an desire to ensure that we are using our land and facilities in a way that is God-honoring, and that maximizes our mission and purpose, now and in the future.

Honestly, we did not know where this process would lead us.  We have had a strong prayer focus throughout, and have included countless amounts of people, at times the entire congregation, as well as external professionals.  We believe that God has led this entire process and we have faith that He will continue to do so.  We will continue to lead corporate prayer efforts throughout and beyond this campaign.

While this specific process may have started six years ago, we believe that it actually began more than 35 years ago, since we see it as a continuation of the God-given ministry of Fellowship Church in Dallas, PA which began in 1981.  Now, our generation is charged with ensuring that the campus is positioned to pervade the community and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for another 35 years and beyond!  We believe that this is the right time, because we believe, with resolute faith, that God has led this ministry to this particular place at this specific time.

The term “step of faith” is about believing.  And it’s about taking action.  It’s also about standing boldly on the many promises of God that He would be glorified!   James tells us faith without works is dead, and we’ve never been asked to take a “seat of faith”!  History and God’s Word are filled with countless examples of spiritual steps of faith, from Moses and Abraham and David, to Paul and the Disciples and many martyrs of the early church.

Recently, we heard incredible testimonies from some of the founders of our own Fellowship Church, and the spiritual steps of faith they took as this ministry’s foundation was being laid.  Back in the early 1980’s, a small group of people took many steps of faith trusting that God would provide because their hearts were desiring to worship and bring glory to Him.  And provide He did.  Then, as the ministry grew they took more steps of faith, believing that He would provide land so they could have their own church campus after years of moving around to whatever place they could find to worship God.  And again, provide He did.  After several more years, there were more steps of faith, this time believing that He would provide the means to construct buildings to accommodate their continued growth, and again, provide He did.

Over and over again we see that while having faith is absolutely necessary to honor God with our lives, taking action is an important part of our worship as well.  The truth is, as believers, every day is a step of faith for us as we go out into the world.  Typically, God does not put something in front of us only to say, do nothing.  This project is no different.  For the past six years, we have taken steps of faith only as God has created the opportunity and the timing to do so.  This project is not a single step, and it’s not one giant leap.  Rather, it’s continued steps only after committed prayer, a very clear plan, aligned leadership and wide participation.  Indeed, those are truly spiritual steps of faith.

The Master Plan details our overall vision for this project. It involves a complete remodel and reconfiguration of existing space, some major additions, and also addresses other important issues such as parking and septic. Our plan consists of three major goals, or phases, which may be implemented individually or simultaneously, based on the amount and rate at which funds are being received. These goals are:

The Victory Goal, Phase I: This includes the construction of a dedicated worship space, along with a larger gathering space, and a critical update to our septic system.

The Legacy Goal, Phase II: In many ways, meeting The Victory Goal would enable the ministries of our church to have greater impact. We would have a gym that could be used as it was intended, and as a vehicle for community outreach. We would also solve our capacity issues, and take care of the septic issue. God willing, we will surpass this goal and reach The Legacy Goal. This includes the completion of Phases I and II, and takes advantage of some of the space created by The Victory Goal. We will gain additional seating in the first and second floor of the new sanctuary. We will also be able to the fill the space between new sanctuary and the current building the houses the nursery and classrooms with necessary resources like expanded restroom facilities (something that becomes more important as we fill the new sanctuary).

The Miracle Goal, Phase III: The Miracle Goal is aptly named. It is beyond what we are initially expecting, but would be warmly received and put to good use. The Miracle Goal would allow us to complete Phases I, II, and III. The space we have was not built at once, but rather in stages. Because of this, it is not necessary built as it would have been if it were constructed all at once. Reaching this goal would allow us to reinvent the space for our foreseeable needs. Also included in this phase is an exterior overhaul of the roofs, siding, and the paving of our entire parking lot.

For more details of our comprehensive plans and vision for each Phase, including floor plans, see the Our Goals page of this site.

We desire to glorify God in and through this entire process. First, Fellowship attendees will make commitments to prayerfully support and financially fund this ministry expansion. Upon God’s financial provisions, specific plans will be finalized to implement one or more of the three construction Phases detailed in our Master Plan. The Phase implementation will be determined by the amount and rate at which funds are received.

The growth of our church ministry over +35 years has always been established by God and His perfect timing. This project, which began in 2011, has been no different, as we have seen Him open doors for us, align us with excellent people and organizations, find consistent agreement among our leaders as well as our church community, and create opportunities to glorify Him in each and every step along the way.

While this capital campaign is designed to be a three year process, we believe that God can and will do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, and we believe it will be perfect and good. This ministry expansion is a step of faith and will be realized as God’s provisions allows. The most important thing for us to do, both the leaders and the attendees of Fellowship, is to consecrate ourselves to the Lord for this ministry as He sees fit, commit to prayer, stewardship and merciful action so that we might be sanctified and the Lord Jesus Christ would be glorified in every phase of this church ministry.

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