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Our Goals

The three phase campaign to realize the vision

The Master Plan

Below are two floor plans that were developed as part of the Master Plan, executed by the Project Jordan team through the hiring of Horst Construction. Horst Construction is a construction company that we were referred to through relationships with other EFCA churches going through expansion projects, and is a Christian owned and operated company with church construction being one of their core competencies.

Executing the Master Plan was voted on and approved by church members, and was a relatively low cost / low risk exercise that allowed us to define our needs through the input and feedback of ministry leaders and the congregation. Based on this information and an analysis of our current space and land, Horst developed this Master Plan to show us what our eventual goals should be.

The master plan involves a complete remodel and reconfiguration of our existing space, some major additions, and also addresses other important issues such as parking and septic. This is obviously a major undertaking, and as much as we believe that this will be accomplished in its entirety, it has been broken up into smaller goals – outlined below – which may be executed individually or simultaneously based on the amount and rate at which funds are being received.

Phase 3 Level 1
Phase 3 Level 2

Phase 1

Aug 29th Congregational Update
Phase Approach VE
Worship Entry

Phase 2

Phase 2 Level 1
Phase 2 Level 2

Phase 3

Phase 3 Level 1
Phase 3 Level 2