The three phase campaign to realize the vision

The Master Plan

Below are two floor plans that were developed as part of the Master Plan, executed by the Project Jordan team through the hiring of Horst Construction. Horst Construction is a construction company that we were referred to through relationships with other EFCA churches going through expansion projects, and is a Christian owned and operated company with church construction being one of their core competencies.

Executing the Master Plan was voted on and approved by church members, and was a relatively low cost / low risk exercise that allowed us to define our needs through the input and feedback of ministry leaders and the congregation. Based on this information and an analysis of our current space and land, Horst developed this Master Plan to show us what our eventual goals should be.

The master plan involves a complete remodel and reconfiguration of our existing space, some major additions, and also addresses other important issues such as parking and septic. This is obviously a major undertaking, and as much as we believe that this will be accomplished in its entirety, it has been broken up into smaller goals – outlined below – which may be executed individually or simultaneously based on the amount and rate at which funds are being received.

The Victory Goal

Phase I

The Victory Goal includes the completion of Phase I and addresses two of our biggest needs; a dedicated worship space, along with a larger gathering space,  and a critical update to our septic system.

It has been a number of years since we moved from our old sanctuary to our gymnasium for worship services. The journey our church has undergone from living room, to rented space, to the worship center, and expansions since is nothing short of miraculous. However, holding church in our gymnasium was never meant to be permanent.

When that move was made, it was more than sufficient, but as God has increased our Sunday morning attendance, we have nevertheless grown beyond the walls of the gym. At times throughout the year we are actually at capacity. Filling the gym is amazing, but it does not come without drawbacks. Studies have shown that when you reach these levels, new visitors are actually turned away. It is simply uncomfortable for them to squeeze into our space as a new addition. During these times we are essentially working against our own mission.

Although not a glamorous topic, septic systems are obviously a key utility to any modern space and ours is in desperate need of work. Even if Project Jordan were never initiated this would be an inevitable bridge that would need to be crossed. As a result, including this into the initial goal was and is an absolute necessity.

The first image below shows the new sanctuary, which will occupy the space in between our current buildings, and the new entrance way and gathering space that will lead into it. The second image shows the relocation of our playground, where the water runoff will go, and the planned space for the new septic.

Legacy Goal

Phase II

In many ways, meeting The Victory Goal would enable the ministries of our church to to have greater impact. We would have a gym that could be used as it was intended, and as a vehicle for community outreach. We would also solve our capacity issues, and take care of the septic issue. God willing, we will surpass this goal and reach The Legacy Goal.

The Legacy Goal includes the completion of Phases I and II, and takes advantage of some of the space created by the Victory Goal. We will gain additional seating in the first and second floor of the new sanctuary. We will also be able to the fill the space between new sanctuary and the current building the houses the nursery and classrooms with necessary resources like expanded restroom facilities (something that becomes more important as we fill the new sanctuary).

Currently, our worship team is challenged with finding adequate storage for much of our audio and visual equipment. This is because this equipment must be rolled in and out of the gymnasium each week, in order to accommodate the ministries that use that space on a daily basis. The storage spaces used is already used for a number of other purposes. Part of Phase II will include a new back stage office for Pastor Karl, a space for the worship team to meet prior to service, as well as much needed storage space.

Upstairs will also be a large open space that is currently up for discussion in terms of it’s use, but current ideas include a space for the youth ministry to meet but this is not written in stone, and may be decided to be used for other ministries.

The Miracle Goal

Phase III

The Miracle Goal is aptly named. It is beyond what we are intitially expecting, but would be warmly received and put to good use. The Miracle Goal would allow us to complete Phases I, II, and III. The space we have was not built at once, but rather in stages. Because of this, it is not necessary built as it would have been if it were constructed all at once. Reaching this goal would allow us to reinvent the space for our foreseeable needs. Also included in this phase is an exterior overhaul of the roofs, siding, and the paving of our entire parking lot.