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How is God leading you to support A Legacy of Worship?

It is our purpose as believers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and why our mission at Fellowship Church is to pervade the Back Mountain, Wyoming Valley and the world with the gospel by making disciples who make disciples and who display the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in every phase of their lives.

This initiative falls directly in-line with that mission. Accomplishing this goal, and bringing the vision to a reality, is the responsibility of the church. It is through your God-led sacrificial giving that these things will be realized.

In the coming weeks and months you will be asked to make a commitment towards the campaign. Below is an outline of the commitment and contribution process. We ask that you keep A Legacy of Worship in your prayers and consider how God is leading you to give.


Commitment & Contribution Process

Sunday, January 1 – Saturday March 25
Prayer, Equipping, Preparation

During this period of time, we, as the congregation, will be
consecrating ourselves to the Lord. Now is the time to pray, asking God to show you all that he has placed you as a steward over, and to determine how he is leading you to respond.

Sunday, March 26, 2017
Legacy Service

Pledge cards will be distributed. You will use this card to indicate your three-year financial commitment that you plan to make to A Legacy of Worship.

Sunday, April 9, 2017
In-Gathering of Commitment Cards

We are asking the congregation to return their pledge cards, with their three-year commitments listed. All pledges should be made in envelopes (to be supplied). Remember, we are not asking you to make a contribution at this time. Pledges will be made prior to contributions being given.

May 2017April 2020
Three Year Contribution Period

Contributions pledged can be made during this time. Your gifts can be spread out over this three year period.

Spread the word – Reach the Community

Do you have a friend or relative who doesn’t attend Fellowship Church but may be interested in supporting our Capital Campaign? Maybe a friend or family member who has attended our church when in the area and has been blessed by their time with us. If so, let us know! Please provide us with the name(s) and address(es) of those people who would be blessed by being part of A Legacy of Worship!

Name and address of who you would like us to contact