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Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

When we began our Master Planning process a few years ago, we set out to determine what long-term plan would be best for Fellowship Church building and grounds.  That process took in huge amounts of input, and provided a clear direction for the future.  This vision has helped us move forward in faith one step at a time.

Since our Capital Campaign in the spring of 2017, the Project Team has been working diligently to discern what should be the first phase of that project.  As plans have developed in more detail, the cost of those plans has become more and more solidified.  After months of meetings with Horst Construction, as well as many other experts, we have determined the necessary components of a Phase I project that will result in a new, fully functional Worship Center.  Along with that there will need to be some additional bathrooms, a connecting hallway, a relocated septic system, additional handicapped parking spots, and associated sitework.  Each aspect of Phase I is necessary for it to function.

In addition, the Project Team has made “value engineering” adjustments where possible, to bring down the cost of the project by adjusting building materials, as well as the floorplan layout.  As a result of this work, we have trimmed Phase I as much as possible, and made many improvements to all phases of the design.  We are very excited about the development of this long-term project, which will maximize ministry and stewardship of our facility.


Now that we are more than halfway through the Pre-Construction process, we anticipate a groundbreaking of Phase I to occur in the spring of 2019.  This is an exciting thought after so many years of talking and planning.  The first portion of the project will be sitework, which will begin with the construction of a much-needed septic system.  Then, Horst Construction would continue building over the period of several months, while all ministries of the church continue.  We do not anticipate any significant interruption of the ministries of the church during the construction process. So it is within reason that we could be worshipping in a new Worship Center for Christmas Eve, 2019!

The Gap

There remains a gap between the cost of the Phase I project and the sum of the amount raised and a reasonable amount for us to borrow.  One solution might be to put the project on hold and delay the groundbreaking.  However, one of the problems with that approach is that building costs increase over time, and delaying might not accomplish that goal.  We might raise more funds, and still have a gap at the end of the delay.

But the gap we see is NOT insurmountable.  We have come a long way, and the possibility of building our Phase I project is in view.  However, it will take great provision from the Lord, and participation from everyone who believes in the mission of Fellowship Church.  This is why we ask you to pray with us fervently, and join us in leaving A Legacy of Worship to future generations here at Fellowship.

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